Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts with Dip (Cooking Class on May 19th & 26th 2018)


  • 1 bag of fresh brussel sprouts
  • 1 lb bacon 
  • 1 cup mayonnaise 
  • 1 tbs Sicilian Lemon balsamic vinegar 

Instructions (Brussel Sprouts)

  • Cook bacon fully. Do not overcook the strips that they become too crispy and cannot wrap around the brussel sprouts. 
  • Wrap sprouts with a slice of bacon.
  • Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. 

Instructions (Dip)

  • Blend Sicilian Lemon balsamic in with mayonnaise. 


Brussel Sprouts can be served hot or cold! 


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