Salmon with Dill Pickle Relish (Cooking Class on April 30th, 2019)


  • 1 package of salmon
  • Sweet Butter Olive Oil
  • Key West Citrus Seasoning
  • Dill Pickle Mustard

Combine 1/4 Sweet Butter Olive Oil and 1 TBS of Key West Citrus seasoning.

On a 400 degree skillet, sear salmon 4 minutes on each side. Finish in oven if salmon is thick.

Top with a dollop of Dill Pickle Mustard. Serve immediately.

This is a deliciously simple fish-dish that’s ready to serve in under 30 minutes!

3 thoughts on “Salmon with Dill Pickle Relish (Cooking Class on April 30th, 2019)”

  1. Went to this cooking class. Salmon awesome! Would recommend the class as well as the wonderful chef Sarah

  2. Salmon was wonderful. .would recommend the cooking class as well as the tasting. Most important chef Sarah was awesome!

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