Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin


  • 1 Pork Tenderloin, cleaned 
  • 1 TBS Lemon Olive Oil 
  • 1 TBS Key West Citrus Seasoning (Basik’s) 
  • 1 cup Traditional 18yr aged Balsamic Vinegar 

In a medium size bowl, combine 1 TBS of Lemon Olive Oil with 1 TBS of Key West seasoning and coat the pork evenly. 

Over medium high heat, sear pork tenderloin 3-4 minutes per side. 

In an oven, bake at 400 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. 

While the pork is cooking, reduce 1 cup of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in a small sauce pan over medium heat. You can also reduce the vinegar in a crock-pot cooker. 

Pull pork out of oven and brush the balsamic glaze atop the tenderloin slices. Return to over and roast until internal temperature of 150 degrees. 

Allow to rest for 10-15 minutes before slicing. Serve immediately while warm and enjoy! 


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