Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mild)


Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

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This oil is a classic, stone fruit, ripe Ascolano olive oil from California. A traditional table olive from Italy, that in California is often made into a unique oil; this is one of the best ever. It has a wonderful floral aroma and an intense peach-apricot-like taste with some nuttiness and butteriness too. It is very fresh, crisp, and zingy because of the green, herbaceous undertone qualities, which gives it a nice, teasing pungency. It is very fresh and the balance is perfect.

Crush Date – November 2017 (California)
DAGS – 95.5%
Acidity – .08%
Oleic – 70.1%
Polyphenols – 133
PPP – <1%

*Larger size (750ml) made by request if product is readily available in-store. Call for product availability to place an order.*

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